Craftsmanship you can trust

From the beginning, craftsmanship and dependability have been at the heart of 77 Solutions.  Coming from a family of builders, artists and craftsmen, I've always had tools in my hand and a desire to make things.  The concept of  "I can make that" was instilled at an early age.  Whatever the challenge, we can craft a solution.  This became my mindset.

My first venture into holster making came with hand stitching a set up for a newly purchased pistol that did not have a lot of options on the market.  That first holster grew to more and more as others began to request. While I still work with leather from time to time, the shift over to Kydex and other thermoplastics seemed fitting.  Much like performance fabric is to cotton, Kydex is the same to leather.  I've found that for everyday hard use, this material preforms the best. 

As the business has grown, so have I as a maker and craftsman. 
Most of the profits have been reinvested in tooling and materials to produce the highest quality products.  Each holsters is handmade right in my shop.  There is no outsourcing.  Nothing leaves the shop without being tested for fit and function.It is my goal to not just produce the best products but, also to be a craftsman and a person before a business.  You can be assured that when you contact us, you're going to be interacting with me, the maker.  You can trust that nothing will be sent out that I wouldn't use myself.

Even though most of the focus is on holsters, from time to time, there will be other items made from wood, leather and metals. I thank you for trusting your business and safety with me.  All product are 100% guaranteed for life.

Stay Safe,

C. Bey
77 Solutions